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Voice and Data


ColoConsultant acts as an intermediary between our clients and voice and data providers.

We have partnered with the industry’s best voice and data solution providers to offer a broad range of services tailored to the needs of your business.

Reliable communication methods and tools are critical to your business success, and the play a pivotal role in customer relationships. With the many choices available to enterprise customers, ColoConsultant will help you navigate the systems to identify the best provider and plan for your needs.

We deliver integrated voice and data over the same facilities and offer an advantage when utilizing ColoConsultant as your primary resource for all of your telecommunications and data network technology.

Why Work With A Voice & Data Services Broker?

ColoConsultant is an independent, unbiased broker of voice & data, as well as multiple enterprise network services. We represent all of the known providers, and a wide range of smaller service providers. As a customer advocate, we help our clients identify objectives and requirements, then secure customized and budget friendly, effective solutions.

Support your communications needs with the right voice based solution. ColoConsultant works with our partners to develop custom voice strategies with hosted PBX, wireless, conferencing, unified communications and more.

ColoConsultant works side by side with you, on your behalf, at no cost to you. Call us today to explore your options.


Our consultants have over 50 years of data center, colocation, cloud services, and telecom experience.


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