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Identify IaaS providers with the best outsourced computing infrastructure for your organization.

IT infrastructure is a significant investment for any business, and it is critical to efficiency, security, and productivity that you identify solutions that fit your exact needs and growth projection.

IaaS allows businesses to scale environments quickly without the capital investment of additional servers, networking resources, and the skilled staff to manage the data and compliance requirements.

ColoConsultant maintains an objective relationship with the majority of the popular IaaS providers in today's marketplace. Our comprehensive needs analysis provides a solid foundation for mapping out your requirements including: content delivery, operational security, computer power, data storage and redundancy, and other service functionality.

3 Key Considerations when Choosing the an IaaS Provider

By understanding the strengths of individual IaaS providers, ColoConsultant provides an objective apples-to-apples comparison of the various features, advantages, and weaknesses of each data center. The information can be overwhelming when analyzing IaaS providers on your own. We recommend looking at these three core elements to begin your comparison.

  1. Scalability – Are you able to add more RAM and disk space as well as quickly spin up new VMs?
  2. Security – Does the provider have compliance and security certifications such as PCI, DSS, HITRUST, and NIST? Can the provider protect the servers with firewalls and other security features?
  3. Support – What will the migration look like and what level of support can be expected during that critical time? What is the uptime SLA offered and how long has the vendor been doing this?


Our consultants have over 50 years of data center, colocation, cloud services, and telecom experience.


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