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Disaster Recovery

A Good Offense is the Best Defense

Be proactive with ColoConsultant - plan disaster recovery before you need it.
Disaster recovery planning is a critical element for any business. Having a secure system prior to any predictable or unpredictable disaster can save hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars of lost productivity and revenue.

ColoConsultant can run a thorough risk assessment to help you identify your businesses’ critical business applications and connect you with the resources best suited to your needs. Our goal is to remove constraints while providing a key resource to your organization. Budget, technology, infrastructure, assets, and absence of personnel with the necessary expertise often place limitations on developing a disaster recovery plan in-house. ColoConsultant acts as an indispensable key partner to ensure your business has a highly flexible rescue and restoration disaster recovery plan.

Typical Disaster Recovery Planning Steps

Crisis situations, whether man-made or natural disasters, are unavoidable. Backups of data and business plans, and the minimization of damage on infrastructure, assets, and property take precedence in a commercial environment. A disaster recovery plan is the best preventative measure to reduce loss and disruption.

  • Thorough assessment of business systems
  • Hardware & software inventory
  • Identification of mission critical operations
  • Feasibility of business continuity and disaster recovery strategy
  • Design & implement a business continuity and disaster recovery plan

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