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Wholesale Data Centers

Wholesale Data Centers

Considering wholesale data centers? ColoConsultant can help.
If business requirements go above and beyond the parameters of a retail data center, wholesale is most likely the best choice for your organization. Kilowatts of power and square footage typically dictate whether retail or wholesale data should be preferred .

Wholesale leases are long term compared to the shorter lease agreements at retail data centers, and often require the lessee to handle IT operations of the space.

ColoConsultant can help find the right scenario for your IT needs. Our expertise will guide you, reduce costs, and maximize resources while optimizing security, management, and power expenses.

Industry-Leading Data Center Solutions

With over 20 years experience, ColoConsultant assists businesses in identifying the best data center options for their needs, including server, network, security, storage, automation, cloud, and management tools. ColoConsultant has helped some of the largest organizations with:

  • Data center strategy and plan development
  • IT infrastructure assessments & optimization
  • Data Migrations between systems and/or databases
  • Server and Storage Consolidations
  • Platform and Operating Systems Migrations
Over 2500 data centers
Wholesale Data Center Consulting

It’s critical that your infrastructure be agile to adapt to changing business requirements. It must also scale quickly and efficiently to take advantage of emerging opportunities. At ColoConsultant, you can depend on our expertise to get you there.