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zColo: 1764A Old Meadow Lane Data Center

1764a Old Meadow Lane, McLean, VA, USA

It’s been a year of growth and expansion for zColo, underscoring the continued demand we are experiencing for colocation and interconnection. Driving this demand: the acceleration of data consumption in diverse sectors, the continued move to cloud solutions and the growing adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

With a multitude of colocation options available, we’ve worked hard to set ourselves apart from other providers by optimizing the natural interplay between colocation and connectivity. Zayo offers more than space and power, providing our customers with the full power of our extensive network, interconnections, fast and flexible approach and a best-in-class team.

Property details:

Total Space: 65000 SqFt
Total Power: 5 Mw
To the nearest airport: 10.57 mi
Colocation Space: 40000 SqFt

Property address:

1764a Old Meadow Lane, McLean, VA, USA